photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

gathering on the river

"Meitheal na hAbhann: A Collective Gathering on the River" was the name of this amazing, somehow tribal performance by Matt Toole. it incorporated molten iron, live music in form of drum kit and mix-of-various-odd-instruments kit, and a sunset. the setting of Kennedys Quay, which is basically in the middle of docklands, could not have been better.

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Bogdan in Cork Bogdan in Cork

Bogdan the ship is no longer in Cork. It got patched up here and sailed on its way.

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flight surfing flight surfing

another storm was mounting last Saturday and this lone kite surfer was making the best of it by the Garrylucas beach in Garretstown. it is difficult to judge, but I think he was easily reaching the heights of 10 metres above the water. had I somehow happened to be in his place and lifted like that, I would undoubtedly soil my wetsuit. him instead, he was just flying there composedly over the ocean.

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storm at Mizen Head storm at Mizen Head storm at Mizen Head

you can say quite a few things about the weather in Ireland this winter, but the word "boring" would not be one of them. this is how Mizen Head looked today, with waves over 10 metres high and winds howling accordingly.

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Cork City Hall classic

Cork City Hall looking rather good. Illuminated in Cork colours and all.

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early Monday mornings: Passage West early Monday mornings: Passage West early Monday mornings: Passage West early Monday mornings: Passage West

from an early morning trip to Passage West on the very first Monday of 2014. rain only made it nicer!

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days are short in January

i have neglected my blog and i'm not happy about it, as i like my blog. so back to it. this rather cheesy photo was taken from my bedroom window today, at 16:52. which is about 20 minutes after sunset.

all the best in 2014 to whomever happens to visit here!

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obey god

yesterday I visited my favourite Fitton Street East again. things are still happening there, good things with light and colours and reflections. this picture is an obvious continuation of this one here.

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