photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

sup dude?, Hop Island, Cork


sup dude?, Hop Island, Cork

Baron the horse looking out of the lorry window, just before departing for a beach ride.

also - same lorry, different horse, similar sup on this photo, by my friend 0101.

name: kuba , 07-02-2012 10:36

...świetne, i mimo, że nie pies, mocno kojarzy mi się z Erwitt`em. pzdr

name: jedrzej, 08-02-2012 7:50

heh, za takie porownanie to ja bardzo, bardzo dziekuje :)

name: Karah, 08-03-2017 20:22

Good Observation Dan, cool video, thanks., I like the way you do stuff, “Very Real” & still put the message across, Nice 1 Da2;08n3#&Thom in Scotland.


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